Just imagine the perfect moment.

For me, its being surrounded by good company in the ideal ambience. A catchy song plays in the background and mixes with the warm wind that floods the rooftop we are at. In front of me is a meticulously prepared drink. The thick glass is practically frozen due to the huge chunks of clear ice that saturate it within. Can you guess what I’m drinking?… Right you are. A Gin & Tonic mixed to perfection. I take a sip and enjoy the refreshing sensation while the faint aroma of lime and cucumber take me away to far off places. This to me, is happiness.

Why Gin & Tonic?

In this occasion, the drink transcends from being a simple cocktail, to becoming the epitome of good living.

This is the essence that fuels Gin & Tonic: how incredibly good it is to live. We present to you carefully selected and copyrighted content so that it may keep you company in those moments that are simply worthwhile, we hope you enjoy.